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James S Rockwell Public Speaker in Fullerton, California, has made it his mission to serve as a positive influence in peoples lives. He does this by sharing his story at speaking engagements, workshops, or arena events.

Jim’s Story

Jim's story is the sad story of bright star put out too soon by selfish and irresponsible behavior. Instead of living up to his athletic, musical, and professional dreams, his story is nearly ended by alcohol. Now, he works to help others avoid his mistakes.


Since he began speaking, James has developed an outline that works for most events. You can look at it for yourself, so you know what to expect from the assembly and see how it can help others enjoy a more positive lifestyle.

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Learn about James S Rockwell Public Speaker

James S Rockwell Public Speaker is based in Fullerton, California, but travels the United States as a public speaker. His mission is to help detour people from drinking and experiencing what he did. He works with schools, clubs, organization, and more. He has spoken to more than 800,000 students nationwide about his experiences and the effects of underage alcohol use and abuse. James works under the theme of responsibility, and shares his own irresponsible choices and the disabilities that resulted to convey his message. His audience enjoys the presentation and thinks he is a humorous presenter. James uses this humor to convey a serious message, and to educate people about their decisions.

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